Organize Your Jewelry: 5 Ways

Now that bangles have made a come back you’ve probably found that your jewelry box has quickly become overwhelmed. Or maybe you just have so many chunky necklaces they’ve knotted themselves around every chain you own making finding the one you want wear in the morning a task of epic proportions. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Let me offer you up 5 solutions for under 15 bucks.


1- Put those bangles in some bowls. We all have a few decorative bowls laying around. When’s the last time you used one?  Christmas for your trail mix? Why not put that bowl to better use year round. I have 3 bowls on top of my jewelry box for my large bangles, metal bracelets and my other favorites. This way finding them is easy and putting them away even easier. It’s a great way to keep the top of your dresser both organized as well as give it a decorative touch.


2- Maybe you’re the type who needs to see everything laid out for you before making your final accessory choices. Then that extra Paper Towel Holder is going to good using it to stack your bracelets. Much easier to fit them around a post than trying to stuff them into one drawer in a jewelry box.


3- Remember how much easier it became to organize your scarves once you bought a hanger for them? It’s time to buy another scarf hanger and this one will go to hiding away the collection of beaded necklaces you’ve acquired. You can hang it in your closet or on the back of you door making it a snap to add the finishing touch to your out fit in the morning.


4- Turns out that 3M hooks aren’t just good for hanging pictures but also make the perfect  necklace holders. I placed 3 on the inside of the cabinet doors under my sink. When I want to tie together my look for the day I just figure it out right there in the bathroom mirror. The best part is these hooks pull right off so it doesn’t make a mess or ruin your wall should you choose to set them up in your walk-in closet for some serious dress up time.


5- Lastly you need a place to put your rings and earrings that your forgot to take off and now you’re too lazy to get out of bed. A tiny bowl on your night stand is the perfect way to keep them through out the night, because nobody wants to roll over in the middle of the night and get poked by an earring post!

What are your jewelry organizing tips? Comment below.

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