Decor On a Dime: Table Runners

So you think your dining room is looking drab but you don’t know how to install a chandelier, you can’t afford a Murano Vase and you just got new place settings last year. There is a very easy fix to this. The table runner!

Decor On a Dime: Table Runners Often under used this  is the perfect piece to add a pop of color or accentuate wall art and even make a room look more luxurious. Plus its cheaper than a whole table cloth and looks better too. These days lots of online shops are available to hunt for house interiors on. In fact not sure you heard the news but H&M IS ONLINE now! Other great finds include etsy & Zara Home.

*** BONUS: Make it yourself. Here is a great DIY tutorial on Inspired By Charm

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2 thoughts on “Decor On a Dime: Table Runners

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